Tips to Get Rid of Virus

Is a virus? This page will show you what is and how to remove it from Chrome, Firefox and other popular browsers completely.

Is a Virus? is a fake search engine and redirect malware. Browser settings will change because of this malicious browser hijacker program. If you want to protect the PC from this infection, you should pay attention to certain freeware, shared torrent files and malicious programs. This website usually comes along with those insecure files. After invasion, will become your browse homepage. Besides, you will not be allowed to remove this web page. You should be careful of the pop-up advertisements on The reason is that these ads will point you to unreliable and dangerous websites which could provide you with fake download links and display child pornographies. You could be accused of breaking the Internet rules. It is not recommended to look up information by using this fake search engine. Some of search results are misleading. You might be redirected to unknown domain which may collect personal information and cheat money. Worst of all, viruses can infiltrate into the system with the help of unprotected websites. All in all, is a malicious platform that can cause PC security problems. Please remove it without hesitation.

Option 1: Automatically & Completely Remove Virus (Recommended)

It will take a lot of time and hassle to find and delete all files and components related to Virus, especially for computer users with little computer expertise. Therefore, it’s recommended that you remove Virus with the help of this Automatic Removal Tool that can easily delete all unwanted and hidden viruses with all associated files and registry entries.

download auto fix tool

Option 2: Manually Remove Virus

Look at the list of removal instructions for Virus manual removal and perform all the procedures listed as they apply to your particular browser.